Grammy Winning Remixer RAC to Present Production Workshop at Pyramind

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The old adage about it taking 10 years to become an overnight success applied to RAC earlier this year when André Allen Anjos won the 2017 Best Remixed Recording Grammy Award for Bob Moses “Tearing Me Up (RAC Remix)” roughly 10 years after setting out to change the remixing game.

The Portugese producer Anjos, now living in Portland, Oregon, started the Remix Artist Collective in 2007 with the idea of establishing a style of remixing that enhanced and complemented the original song rather than deconstructing it into a club floor killer. RAC had up to five members at one time and has remixed more than 200 songs from pop royalty like Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, and Lana Del Rey to all of your favorite indie bands.

There developed a familiar RAC remix sound, characterized by bouncy, straightforward beats, melodic original instrumentation, and familiar sounds from vintage go-to gear like the Roland Juno-60 and the ancient Univox Mini-Korg K2. Even though RAC remixes were intentionally not club bangers, they became known as sure-fire tracks for indie-dance DJs and fans. 

By the time RAC released its debut full-length album Strangers in 2014, it was pretty much a solo project for Anjos along with a who’s who of guest vocalists from the hipster world.

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Master Spy OVGS:

RAC’s 2015 original soundtrack for the Master Spy video game is as worthy of a listen as Daft Punk’s and M83’s soundtracks, and his just-released studio album EGO again pairs the prolific producer with guest vocalists from bands like Joywave, St. Lucia, MNDR, and others.

2017 album, EGO:

It’s rare enough for a remixer/DJ to develop so far in a decade, but it’s probably even rarer for you to attend a music production workshop for someone in the prime of their artistic life like Anjos.

Fortunately, San Francisco studio and production academy Pyramind has snagged Anjos for an “Elite Session” workshop with RAC while he is in town to play the Outside Lands festival, where RAC will perform as a full band. It takes place next Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 6:30, and tickets are still available ($10 Limited Early Bird // $15 Regular Admission).

For most of you who will not be in San Francsico, but would still like to get in on what Pyramind calls “a rare opportunity to see a headliner breakdown his music production, remixing and performance techniques in an intimate setting,” keep up with Pyramind’s Events page, where they usually post video recaps of their Elite Sessions sometime afterward. You can find video recaps of many of their previous music production sessions there.

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