Guided By Voices Announces New Album + Tour Dates

'Please Be Honest' out April 22nd
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Guided By Voices Announces Please Be Honest LP out April 22nd via GBV Inc + New Tour Dates

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"full-strength rock opera territory, though of course with a touch of the slacker sensibility" - MOJO

If the past says anything about Robert Pollard, it's that he is perpetually making music and 2016 isn't any different. Earlier this month, Pollard put out a solo album, Of Course You Are on Fire Records and now Guided By Voices has reunited and announced a new album, Please Be Honest, out April 22nd via GBV Inc. The first single, "My Zodiac Companion," premiered on MOJO and is a glimpse at what to expect from the new album. GBV also have announced a handful of new tour dates, details below.

Pre-order Please Be Honesthere.

04.26 - Cannery Ballroom - Nashville, TN
04.27 - The Ready Room - St. Louis, MO
04.29 - Vega - Lincoln, NE
04.30 - Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
05.02 - The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS
05.03 - The Accord - Champaign, IL
06.25 - Sled Island Festival - Calgary, AB


01. My Zodiac Companion
02. Kid On A Ladder
03. Come On Mr. Christian
04. The Grasshopper Eater
05. Glittering Parliaments
06. The Caterpillar Workforce
07. Sad Baby Eyes
08. The Quickers Arrive
09. Hotel X (Big Soap)
10. I Think A Telescope
11. Please Be Honest
12. Nightmare Jamboree
13. Unfinished Business
14. Defeatist's Lament
15. Eye Shop Heaven

Robert Pollard wrote and recorded and played all the instruments on Please Be Honest and when he finished it felt to him like a Guided By Voices record. He's not wrong. The songs are compact and tuneful, the playing expertly slack, the production raw and unpolished: sounds pretty much like every review of Bee Thousand.

A better cognate, however, might be Vampire On Titus, Pollard's 1993 pre Bee Thousand (somewhat overlooked) lo-fi tour de force. On that record Pollard similarly played every instrument -- and while his drumming skills then were so rudimentary that he had to record the bass drum and the snare parts separately, which is no longer the case -- as with everything he does, it's about the songs, man. Of which Please Be Honest has no shortage, fifteen of them clocking in at just over 33 minutes. The point being there's precedent for a GBV record where Pollard plays everything, and maybe more importantly there's a reason for that precedent.

Robert Pollard is Guided By Voices. This has never not been true, certainly, and is now more true than ever. He delights in confounding expectations, and you have to at least suspect that after over twenty-years of making records under any number of pseudonyms, of which Guided By Voices is just one, and maybe not even his favorite one, he chafes at the notion that there exists some Platonic ideal of "Guided By Voices" that isn't just Bob writing and recording the songs with whatever musicians he wants to use. Guided By Voices' new live line-up reflects not just a possibly subconscious desire to prove that unalterable fact, but fits with Pollard's unchanging changeability. He does what he wants. He is who he is. The only "classic lineup" that has ever mattered is singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/band leader/magician/thunderstorm Robert Pollard. Long may he rain.