Herb Alpert's Premieres New Single 'Sneaky'

'In the Mood' is out September 30
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In their premiere of Herb Alpert's new single "Sneaky," Billboard succinctly summarizes his legendary career: "Alpert has sold over 72 million records, and placed 28 albums in the Billboard 200, including five No. 1 singles. He has scored 14 platinum and 15 gold albums, and is the only artist ever to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 as both a vocalist and instrumentalist."

"Sneaky" previews Herb's new album 'In the Mood,' which follows his 9th Grammy earlier this year and Obama presenting him with the National Medal of Arts last year - a recent resurgence for a man who has been writing and recording for over 50 years. 'In the Mood' is out Sep. 30.

Listen to "Sneaky" at Billboard here: http://shorefi.re/1A5LqpZ

Listen to Herb on Studio 360 this week here: http://shorefi.re/1xb3hQ4