Hip-hop Producer P.Morris' Quick Production Tips

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Los Angeles by way of Kansas producer P. Morris makes hip-hop/R&B music with and for the burgeoning Bear Club Music Group collective. At a recent session with L.A.’s Output software, Morris explained some of his workflow shortcuts and tips, such as preferring to work with audio over the complexity of editing MIDI data.

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He also mentions that he uses a 3-minute recording buffer to capture everything he does in Ableton Live so that he can go back and retrieve any “happy accidents” that he may want to use later. Such a recording buffer may be a Max for Live device, but Morris didn’t say specifically.

He did, however, specifically name-drop the Xfer Records Cthulhu VST/AU/AAX plug-in ($39) that he uses for creating chord progressions with entire chords assigned to a single keyboard key. Cthulhu includes more than 150 chord presets and lets you create and rework chord progressions with a single note press. The plug-in also has a powerful arpeggiator for creating rhythmic and evolving chord riffs, potentially from a single note.

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In another video, P. Morris give his thoughts on collaborating with vocalists in the studio. And if you want to know how a person can chart their DJ set in both the Metal and Trap categories on Mixcloud, check out P. Morris’ recent mix above.