How Glitch-Hop/Dubstep Producer Mr. Bill Masters His Music

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Our recent print feature on dub-bass-glitch-step producer Mr. Bill, was packed with so many gold nuggets on how he makes bass and glitch sounds, how he performs on stage with Ableton Live and synced visuals, and how he's built his Hardcore Abletoneer subscription service at, that we didn't have room for his short but sweet chunk on how he masters his own music.

How Mr. Bill Masters His Music

Mr. Bill does his own mastering, because he knows exactly what he wants, and he used to send his music back and forth to a mastering house way too many times before he got what he wanted. Once he tried doing it himself, he liked the results better anyway.

His mastering chain may be a small as just an EQ and a limiter, but his long mastering chain consists of the FabFilter Pro-Q 2 EQ, Ableton Live 9's Multiband Dynamics, iZotope Ozone 5, Voxengo Soniformer spectral mastering dynamics processor and FabFilter Pro-L, a transparent limiter.

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His quick-and-dirty advice is first to get your mix really solid and then push your limiter so that it sounds the same, only louder. "Often this kind of music doesn't have a lot of dynamic range," he said. "Dude, you don't listen to music with dynamic range; get over it."