Lindemann Release Debut Album 'Skills In Pills'

Rammstein Frontman Releases First English Language Record as Lindemann

First Ever English Language Record from the Rammstein Frontman out in the U.S. Today

Till Lindemann, lead singer of German metal band Rammstein, has today released his debut album as Lindemann, alongside Pain and Hypocrisy's Peter Tägtgren. The album, entitled Skills In Pills, is the first collaboration between the two and the first time English-speakers can fully appreciate Till Lindemann's utterly filthy and often hilarious lyrics, previously only heard in German. Skills In Pills features lead single "Praise Abort" (released just a few weeks ago with the Zoran Bihac-directed NSFW video), and 10 others, including "Golden Shower," "Fat," and "Ladyboy," rounding out the Lindemann debut.

"I planned to work with Peter on a song for a Pain record, and it turned into a record because we didn't stop working," Lindemann told Rolling Stone. "It was big-time fun and a big-time challenge to sing in English." While Tägtgren adds, "It's basically two idiots clunking their heads together, and all this stupid things comes out of it."

Skills In Pills available now:



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NSFW-video for "Praise Abort":

Skills In Pills has already received early praise, with ARTISTdirect saying "The blessed union of [Lindemann and Tägtgren] yields an undeniable, unbridled, and unique ten songs that make the repulsive strangely soothing. It's an artful balance," while Consequence of Sound says "[Lindemann]'s trademark baritone is ever present, whispering sadomasochistic sweet nothings into your ears as Tägtgren brings in bright synths and detuned guitars to play heavily and happily along with fist-pumping drum beats." And Revolver asserts, "Driving, dramatic, and dripping with sexual deviancy...Skills feels like a distillation of the Till Lindemann way of life, expressing both filth and purity, strength and weakness."

Like all the best stories of death and destruction, the tale of Lindemann begins with a night of total debauchery. "One evening [in Sweden], our keyboard player and I went out to a biker bar with some girls," says Lindemann, "but one of the bikers there was the ex-boyfriend of one of those girls and wanted to kick my ass. He had a lot of friends with him, so we thought we were doomed - but then who should walk into the bar but Peter Tägtgren? He told them that we were cool guys, and not to beat the shit out of us..."

From there, the two sat down to write just one song together, and soon Lindemann, the band, was born.

Skills In Pills is available in the following versions:

  • Standard (Digipack)
  • Special Edition (Blu-Ray-packaging, high-quality booklet, bonus track)
  • 12" Vinyl (gatefold cover, 28-page booklet, bonus track, album-download-code)
  • Digital
  • Super Deluxe (Coffee-table-style book with 80 pages, high-quality package, CD with bonus track)

The track listing for Skills In Pills is:

  1. Skills In Pills
  2. Ladyboy
  3. Fat
  4. Fish On
  5. Children Of The Sun
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Cowboy
  8. Golden Shower
  9. Yukon
  10. Praise Abort
  11. That's My Heart*

*Bonus Track