Logic Pro X Course - November Special Offer

10% Discount Offer

Sound Training Online Extend 10% Sign-Up Offer 

Sound Training Online have just announced an extended a 10% discount offer for their Logic Pro X course with Full Tilt Official. The course begins on Monday 10th of November and you’ll receive a 10% discount by enrolling before Nov 7th. It is a Tutor-Led course with Full Tilt Official providing weekly student interaction and feedback on production based assignments. They are also offering a 10% reduction on the price of their On-Demand version of the same course; this version is delivered without student/tutor interaction from Full Tilt, and this offer is valid until the end of November.

Electronic Music Production With Full Tilt provides an in-depth approach to electronic music production using Logic Pro X software. It is a comprehensive 12 week programme taught by the highly renowned dance music act Full Tilt, who will help elevate your tracks to a professional standard using all of the tips and tricks of the trade. Full Tilt provide weekly personalised feedback and guidance on production-based assignments, and with over 10 years of experience producing electronic music, they will help guide your initial track ideas into finished productions.

This course consists of two 6-week modules: Production 101 and Production 201. In Production 101, students will learn the wide range of production tools required to begin producing Electronic Music. The module begins by launching Logic Pro X for the very first time, and finishes with you creating a mixed arrangement. Topics covered include Drums & Rhythm, Music Theory, Synthesis, Sampling, Compression, Automation, and Mixing. Production 201 practically applies the material covered throughout Production 101, in order for you to create a fully produced, mixed and mastered track of your own. Students have the option of creating a remix of an existing track, or an entirely original production. Throughout the module, Full Tilt produce a fully mixed and mastered track from scratch, giving you unrivalled access to the in-depth production process from start to finish. Topics covered include Vocal Processing, Drums & Bass, Hooks & Leads, Track Arrangement, Mixing, and Mastering.

For More Information:http://www.soundtraining.com/online/courses/