Mark McGrath Joins with PledgeMusic to Release Debut Solo EP

Pre-Orders Receive Instant Download of the New Single 'Summertime's Coming'

Mark McGrath, an American singer from Southern California, is best known as the lead singer of the groundbreaking band Sugar Ray. Mark co-starred in last summer's indie hit Sharknado 2 and has a role in this summer's sequel, Sharknado 3. In addition to his role in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, opening July 16th, he was the co-host of Extra, and hosted Don't Forget The Lyrics as well as the TV series Killer Karaoke.

Though Sugar Ray is still together and as Mark puts it, "Rocking stages around the world," Mark is excited to announce his debut solo record and he has chosen to work with PledgeMusic, the groundbreaker in the direct-to-fan platform.

Bringing fans a more intimate experience, PledgeMusic offers pledgers a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite artists, access exclusive content and be a part of something that fans would not normally have access to.

With every pre-order, fans will be able to download the digital EP upon completion, and receive an instant download of the new single, "Summertime's Coming". With the Access Pass, pledgers will experience exclusive content such as pictures and videos from the studio and the tour, how songs are written as well as updates from Mark about his music.

Other exclusive items offered to fans who pledge are: A signed copy of the EP, exclusive T-shirt, handwritten lyric sheet, your name in the liner notes, a Happy Birthday call from Mark, a VIP Under The Sun tour experience and an acoustic house performance. His campaign is live at: .

"To truly make this an incredible and intimate experience, the idea is to bring as much content to the fans as possible, and to make you feel like you were there. We found a great place to do that very thing right here at PledgeMusic, and an even better place to take you all along for the ride. My first solo EP - it feels great to say that, knowing you'll be right there with me!" Mark McGrath

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