Modern Release Imogen Heap Documentary

'Cumulus': An Animated, Multi-Screen Production

London-based production company Modern has announced the release of the ground-breaking documentary - Cumulus. The film focuses on the Grammy winning musician and singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, and was Directed by independent filmmaker and digital creative Christopher Ian Smith. An experimental take on the documentary film format, Cumulus has been crafted solely through the manipulation of the social media data and digital content of Imogen Heap and interactions with her fans through Tweets, Facebook posts, Reddit AMAs, YouTube videos, Instagram images, Vine videos and more. This data is visualised through motion graphics as part of a multi-screen narrative.

Covering an eight year period, the film takes viewers on a journey through Imogen’s creative life, exploring her digital innovations (including the wearable technology she developed - the MI.MU gloves). It also follows the unique relationship she has with her fans and the direct interaction with her fan base through social media to influence the creation of music and live performances. This short film was commissioned by the Reel Lives research project at University of Birmingham, UK. It will be distributed through targeting screenings at key film and digital art festivals before going live on the Vimeo platform online.

"I was excited by the chance to make a film about Imogen. As an artist she constantly experiments with digital, social media and emerging technologies, so it's appropriate that this film is a different take on the archive documentary, created solely from social and digital media. Cumulus uses the thinking of evolutionary psychology as a starting point to investigate how digital interaction grows and evolves our digital personas, in Imogen's case a persona evolving into multiple variations through the tributes created and shared by her fans. " says director, Christopher Ian Smith.

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