Muse Releases Politically Charged Video "Reapers"

Matt Bellamy takes on the military-industrial complex.
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Muse is set to release its new album, Drones, on June 9, and it appears it's going to be quite a political statement.

The two songs previewed before the record was scheduled to drop — "The Handler" and "Reapers" (which you can watch below) — are definitely heavy in their aggro criticism of governments run amok.

"They're about being overcome by these oppressive forces," said Muse singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy of the songs.

Do you feel it's inappropriate for rock acts to dive into the political arena, or do you miss the "conscientious" 1960s, and applaud when musicians take on the powers that be? Comment here or on the Electronic Musician Facebook page.

Watch "Reapers" HERE!