Mynabirds 'Lovers Know' to be Released on August 7th.

Upcoming Show on Thursday August 20th at Santa Monica Pier
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Dear friends: It's finally here! The newest Mynabirds record, Lovers Know, will be released on Saddle Creek on August 7th.

After touring with the Postal Service in 2013, I took a year to get lost. I spent more than a full year traveling the world, writing and playing solo shows in the UK and South Africa. Then I sat down with producer Bradley Hanan Carter (Black English) and put everything on tape in Los Angeles, Nashville, Joshua Tree, and Auckland, New Zealand. It only seemed right to record the album the same way it was written: on the road.

For those of you who've been listening from the start, this is definitely new territory and I hope you love it. I forged into 80s, 90s and futuristic soundscapes, nodded to those lush, dark pop voices of Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine I've adored forever. And I showed some heavy love for 90s hip hop and R&B. There's a whole new palette of new sounds -- swarms of synths, gauzy electric guitars, and electronic drums. I poured my heart into it.

There are some exciting preview shows coming up in DC (one with THE PIXIES at the 9:30 Club on Sunday, May 31st), a new video for the first single, Semantics, premiering over at NYLON, and then I'll be out in the world to sing you these songs this fall. Want me to come someplace specific? Write and let me know! Can't wait to see you again so soon. Scroll down for all the details.



We'll be touring the new album all around the US and Europe this fall. Til then, hope to see you in LA:


FREE SHOW! With Ariel Pink. Check out the Twilight Series pages for more info.

Stay tuned to facebook, twitter and instagram for other upcoming shows, too...


Have you been obsessed with that MyIdol app, too, or was it just me? I took my obsession to a whole new level when I created an entire lyric video for "Semantics," the first single off of Lovers Know, using the app along with some of Bliss Braoudakis' amazing photographs as backdrops. It premiered yesterday over at NYLON. As they said, "each time the hook drops, some infectiously random scenes ensue, reminding us why we fell in love with the confusing-yet-addictive Chinese app in the first place (because who doesn’t want to see a cartoon version of herself holding up a roll of toilet paper that turns into an angel?)."


Preorder the album now and get yours before everyone else -- especially that limited edition dark blue double LP (with a Myna-sky constellation map etching on the 4th side and an MP3 download). It's limited to only 300 copies, so get yours before they're gone.