New Logic Book: 'Logic Pro X - The Details'

Learn About Flex Time, Quick Swipe, Comping and More
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The new book "Logic Pro X - The Details" from the bestselling Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM) series is finally available. It is the follow-up book to "Logic Pro X - How it Works" manual. With 660 pages, this is the first time that even beginners and intermediate Logic users can explore and learn about Flex Pitch, Flex Time, Quick Swipe Comping, Automation, and even the more advanced features in Logic like the Environment, Notation, Working to Picture, Surround Sound, and Control Surfaces due to that easy to understand, visual approach of this manual. It is actually the only book that covers those more advanced Logic Pro features.

The book can be downloaded as a pdf file from
It is also available as a two-part printed book on Amazon and will also be available in the Spring 2015 as an interactive multi-touch iBook form Apple' iBooks Store.

What are Graphically Enhanced Manuals?
They're a new type of manual with a visual approach that helps you UNDERSTAND a program, not just LEARN it. No need to read through 500 pages of dry text explanations. Rich graphics and diagrams help you to get that "aha" effect and make it easy to comprehend difficult concepts. The Graphically Enhanced Manuals help you master a program much faster with a much deeper understanding of concepts, features, and workflows in a very intuitive way that is easy to understand.