OwnTHD offers four types of distortion—Vintage Equipment Simulation, Solid-State Simulation, Tube Simulation and Tape Simulation. The four varieties are connected in serial and can be turned on/off individually. The plug-in supports VST, AU, and AAX in 32- and 64-bit DAWs. You can download it for $89 from BestService.com

The developer Three Body Tech notes that OwnTHD includes:

  • 9 Types of equipment simulation with different “color” to the sound fits different music styles.
  • 4 knobs to control distortion level. you can have more freedom on how to THD.
  • Feedback control, bias control and depth control
  • We provide three sweet spot modules, you have the freedom to adjust the frequency and amount of a particular sweet spot.

Solid Simulation

  • Simulates the characteristics of a solid-state transistor under "ideal condition".

Tube Simulation

  • Simulates the effects produced by vacuum tube under "ideal condition".

Tape Simulation

  • Simulates the features of a tape machine under "ideal condition".