Prayers Premiere Music Video

First Show of 2016 at El Rey 1/9
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Coachella & First Show of 2016 at El Rey 1/9

Watch the video for "Drugs" 

Listen to their 'Young Gods' EP HERE

"The Cholo Goth movement is real, and Prayers are some crazy motherf*****s."


"Prayers pulls from darkest dance elements with touches of the Pet Shop Boys and Bowie thrown

in to lift the mix. The music draws on heartbreak, alienation, angst, making it perfect for dystopian youth of all races."

-Huffington Post

"With genuine personalities and contagious music, it's no wonder Prayers is one of San Diego's

fastest-rising bands." 

-NBC San Diego

"Seyer and Parley have subverted and infiltrated the genre...the pair represent an unlikely collision of worlds."

-LA Weekly

After a very successful 2015, which included being nominated for 5 awards at the San Diego Music Awards in their home city, and finding themselves the subjects of a Vice Noisey documentary, cholo goth duo Prayers are very excited to kick off the new year with an animated music video for their critically acclaimed 'Young Gods' EP track "Drugs," and also announce their debut performance at this year's star-studded Coachella fest.

In their new music video, "Drugs," demonic animated visuals created by Dani Moreno Cordero intensify vocalist Leafar Seyer's dark lyrics, producer Dave Parley's pulsating synths, and featured artist Travis Barker's pounding drum fills in an almost comic book-like fashion.

No other artist epitomizes the true outsider quite like Prayers. Formed in 2013 by Leafar Seyer (his birth name backwards) and beatsmith Dave Parley, Prayers are the first to unite Goth with thug life. Both Mexican immigrants, the San Diego-based duo neighbors La Santa Muerte’s drug war incubator across the border, so it’s no surprise that two deathly subcultures–Goth and Gangsta–would eventually intertwine in this area. Prayers are signed to Travis Barker's imprint, LaSalle Records.

This is not your 'typical goth music'. As LA Weekly takes note, "While the thought of goths instantly conjures up images of sunlight-deprived individuals dressed in black and listening to Bauhaus, Seyer and Parley have subverted and infiltrated the genre by infusing it with elements of Southern California gang culture. Inspired by the morbid aesthetics and dark tones of bands like New Order and The Cult." Read the full feature here.

Prayers will be performing on both Sundays at Coachella (4/17 & 4/24), and you can catch them in a more intimate setting this Saturday, January 9th, for their first show of 2016 at LA’s El Rey theater.

Saturday, Jan. 9th in Los Angeles