Sneak Peek: The 2015 Rockstar Holiday Gift Guide

Artists, producers, DJs and engineers reveal their holiday gift lists.

For the December issue of Electronic Musician, we grilled 28 of our favorite artists and production pros to find out what studio and music gear is on their gift lists this year. To give you a preview, and get you fired up to start your own holiday shopping, here are wish-list excerpts from Brian Setzer (who wishes for the full studio Monty) and Duncan Sheik. Be sure to check out the full feature coming soon, starring these two artists, as well as Chris Funk of Decemberists, Kishi Bashi, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kevin Killen, Sylvia Massy, Chris Lord-Alge, Robert Mercurio of Galactic, and many more.

Brian Setzer: "Welcome to your dream 'sky's the limit' jam session! A custom-built rehearsal studio has been built for you made of reclaimed wood from an old barn (adds to the vibe of your gift). Guitars and amps of your choice, new and old, are here. Just imagine plugging your new '53 Telecaster into your Bassman amp. Your band would be your favorite musicians. Let's start with Jeff Beck backing you up on guitar, Vince Gill strumming a little mandolin, flea on the bass, and for a good, solid backbeat, Ringo has agreed to sit in on drums! Let the jam session begin!"

Duncan Sheik: "A reasonably priced gift could be the Yamaha Reface CS ($499.99). Of the four units Yamaha has just put out in their Reface Series, it is my favorite. There's ten or maybe a dozen knobs and sliders, and the instant gratification of being able to get exactly the kind of analog sound you're looking for is awesome. The interface is great—no menus to scroll through to find out how to change parameters. It's all right in front of you."