Edgar Froese's autobiography coincides with release of the Revolution of Sound - Tangerine Dream documentary and the Quantum Gate album.

This June, Edgar Froese, who founded the pioneering electronic music group Tangerine Dream in 1967, would have turned 74 years old. Although he died just over 3 years ago, his legacy lives on in a trio of newly released works: the Tangerine Dream album Quantum Gate, the documentary Revolution of Sound: Tangerine Dream by Margarete Kreuzer, and Froese’s autobiography, Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure, named after the influential 1979 Tangerine Dream album.

force majeure cover

All three were released to coincide with Tangerine Dream’s 50th anniversary late last year. With over 400 pages, Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure is an authentic, sincere and frank account of the unusual adventures of a band and their leader and founder Edgar Froese, a group whose electronic innovations wrote themselves into the history books during the musically crystalized years of the 1970s.

Froese’s influence rings true through the present day. Some of Froese’s motion picture soundtracks from the 1980s with Tangerine Dream or as a solo artist sound like the demo music for today’s Retrowave or Synthwave sample collections.

Tangerine Dream Revolution of Sound

The book Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure isn't just a simple chronological list of anecdotes about the career of a band. This autobiography offers the reader a deep insight into the life and times of the band, and Edgar Froese leads you on a very personal journey through his own thoughts and actions, his everyday life and his sources of inspiration, his cooperative efforts, his work and the conflicts which accompanied him through countless concerts across the globe. The adventure recounts crazy meetings and exciting episodes in the course of his career, moments spent with many interesting and well-known personalities like Salvador Dalí, David Bowie, Richard Branson, Andy Warhol, John Peel, Andy Summers, Jimi Hendrix, Oliver Stone, Stevie Nicks, Ridley Scott, Michael Mann, and Brigitte Bardot just to name a few.

Tangerine Dream quantum gate

Over 45 years of experience on stage and more than 16 years in the soundtrack business in Hollywood offer up so much content and destiny in the narrative that this luxuriance of experience would have been sufficient for at least two lives. Edgar wrote his autobiography over a period spanning approximately seven years, and he invested every free moment he had into it when he was not working on film soundtracks, album productions and live concerts.

Go deeper with one of the all-time key figures in atmospheric synthesizer music with the album Quantum Gate, the book Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure, and the documentary REVOLUTION OF SOUND: TANGERINE DREAM by Margarete Kreuzer, which is currently screened at German cinemas and international film festivals.