Tesla Boy Releases 'Keyboards & Synths'

Breaking the Synth Performance World Record Mockumentary

Tesla Boy releases hilarious 

'Keyboards & Synths' 

video- mockumentary style!

This just in from Russia: a hilarious mockumentary style video about Tesla Boy's front man Anton breaking the synth performance world record, playing the synth for approximately 70 hours straight. "There is nothing cooler than synthesizers" says Anton about his 'win', and it couldn't be more true. The video also includes adorable footage of Anton playing his first casio synthesizer as a child.

Feel free to watch and repost this hilarious video which will have you running to your nearest synth!

"Think Daft Punk, think Chromeo, think Phil Collins… yeah really! Imagine a montage where Tom Cruise is doing deals and drowning in babes and money and illegal substances in a jacuzzi full of champagne: this is the soundtrack. Chin-chin."


Listen on SoundCloud Here