The B52s' Kate Pierson Releases Solo LP

'Guitars and Microphones' out in February

Kate PiersonSolo Album Guitars and Microphones Out Feb 17

via Lazy Meadow Music/Kobalt Label Services

Unleashes “Mister Sister” Video ft. Fred Armisen 

Kate Pierson - iconic voice and founding member of the B52s, punk, new wave, genre-defying band has announced her debut solo record Guitars and Microphones, released February 17 via Lazy Meadow Music/Kobalt Label Services. Produced by Tim Anderson (Ima Robot) and featuring Nick Valensi of The Strokes on several tracks, Kate collaborated on songwriting with Sia who also executive produced the album.

Album opener “Throw Down the Roses” is an empowering humanist anthem, maintaining that one can embrace the world, radiate positivity and still kick butt when necessary. Upbeat title track, “Guitars and Microphones” plays upon a galactic pop groove. The lush “Bring Your Arms” is an immediately infectious synth-pop jam with a move to the groove environmental theme. Kate’s soaring emotive vocals on “Mister Sister“ is a poetic love letter of the power of transformation - - welcoming the freedom to live (and dance) and daring to transcend gender boundaries. “Mister Sister” is available on iTunes as an instant-grat MP3 w/ Guitars and Microphones pre-order now!

Click image above to watch the “Mister Sister” video ft Fred Armisen 

which premiered with Pitchfork and is available to post & share HERE.

Along with being a B52, Pierson has collaborated with The Ramones, Iggy Pop, David Byrne, REM and Gnarls Barkley. Guitars and Microphones marries party rock, psychedelia and socio-political punk. Revered for her anthemic pop chops, Kate’s songs are rife with girl group wit, drama—rejecting stereotypes and preconceived ideas at every turn. This is humanism and feminism out for a real good time.

Guitars and Microphones Track Listing

1. Throw Down the Roses

2. Mister Sister

3. Guitars and Microphones

4. Crush Me With Your Love

5. Bottoms Up

6. Bring Your Arms

7. Wolves

8. Matrix

9. Time Wave Zero

10. Pulls You Under