The Clientele Release Compilation Album

'Alone and Unreal' Out September 4

On September 4, The Clientele will release Alone and Unreal: The Best of the Clientele. This compilation album will feature tracks from each of their five previous albums plus one new song. Available on CD, LP, and digital, a deluxe version of each format will also include a bonus download of the “lost” Clientele album The Sound of Young Basingstoke, a previously unreleased session from an early incarnation of the band.

Watch and share the video for “Bookshop Casanova” and pre-order Alone and Unreal: The Best of the Clientele on CD and LP in the Merge store. Also, the standard and deluxe editions are both available for pre-order at iTunes.

The Clientele also recently reissued their US debut Suburban Light as a double-disc and one-LP/one-CD set. This new edition features the album in its original European tracklisting, restored from original analog tapes to sound warmer and a bit less like a batch of demos. The bonus material includes a revelatory set of covers, rehearsals, B-sides, and three unreleased tunes. Suburban Light was deemed Best New Reissue by Pitchfork who declared the album “a perfectly realized amalgam of time, place, sound, and subject matter … music that is unfailingly gorgeous.”

Instantly identifiable, The Clientele sound like no one else, yet they are cited as an influence by contemporary bands as diverse as The War on Drugs, Panda Bear, and Fleet Foxes. The band has played a handful of shows since its seemingly final 2010 mini-album Minotaur. However, interest in The Clientele has remained strong, with rumors that they are recording again. The band will play a one-off show on October 23 in London at Islington Town Hall.

The tracklisting for Alone and Unreal is as follows:

Side A
1. Reflections After Jane
2. We Could Walk Together
3. Missing
4. Since K Got Over Me
5. (I Can't Seem to) Make You Mine
6. Losing Haringey

Side B
1. Bookshop Casanova
2. The Queen of Seville
3. Never Anyone But You
4. Harvest Time
5. On a Summer Trail

Bonus download with deluxe album: The Sound of Young Basingstoke
1. The Evening in Your Eyes
2. Saturday
3. Sweeten Your Eyes
4. Southern Way
5. Rain
6. When She’s Tired of Dancing
7. Places Out of Mind
8. 6am Morningside
9. Wintertime
10. From a Window