This Month's Soundtrack, March 2010

In this section, we present a selection of recent releases that caught our ear. This time around, the albums cover stylistic territory that includes pop-rock, blues, downtempo, electronic, and quirky sample pastiches.

BETH THORNLEY: Wash U Clean (Stiff Hips Music, 2010)

Thornley''s encore release features another tasty dose of her stellar rock-meets-singer/songwriter sound. Inventive production, once again, courtesy of Rob Cairns.
Here's a bit of "You're So Pony" from Beth Thornley's, Wash U Clean (Stiff Hips Music, 2010), which shows off the rockier side of her wide-ranging music.

ELIJAH B. TORN: Bunker Fallout (, 2010)

New York–based composer Torn mixes bleeps, blips, and a cornucopia of synth sounds with hypnotic beats on his latest release.
This is the full mix of Elijah B. Torn's song "Juncto" from his new album, Bunker Fallout (They Control Us, 2010).

OKAPI & ALDO KAPI''S ORCHESTRA: Love Him (Illegal Art, 2009)

Italian turntablist Filippo Paolini brilliantly layers samples to construct quirky, eclectic, and very listenable sonic collages.
This snippet of "Aldo Kapi" from the album Love Him (Illegal Art, 2010) shows you Okapi's facility for constructing music from samples.

MORELAND AND ARBUCKLE: Flood (Telarc International, 2010)

A raw and energetic set of electric and acoustic blues-rock from guitarist Aaron Moreland and singer/harpist Dustin Arbuckle.
This is an excerpt from "Hate to See You Go" (a cover of a Little Walter tune) from Moreland & Arbuckle's album Flood (Telarc, 2010).

SLACKER: Start a New Life (Godlike & Electric Records, 2010)

Slacker (Shem McCauley), who made his name producing progressive house music, returns from two years of isolation with an impressive set of downtempo tunes.
Here's the full version of Slacker's "A New Day's Dawn (NEWEDIT)," a non-album track but of the same vintage as the music on Start a New Life (Godlike & Electric Records, 2010).