Tom Morello Partners with Ryan Harvey to Launch Firebrand Records

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Hear "It's Like That" by Son of Nun Exclusively at Rollingstone and "I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing about in my Song" 

Performed by The Last Internationale at Entertainment Weekly

Tom Morello is furthering his commitment to standing up for justice through music by partnering with Ryan Harvey of the Riot-Folk Collective to launch Firebrand Records, a label dedicated to releasing and promoting revolutionary music from around the world. Firebrand is an independent, artist-friendly, international label featuring politically radical artists of diverse genres. The roster includes Harvey, bell's roar, Ramy Essam, Son Of Nun, Built For The Sea, Lycka Till and The Last Internationale. Ike Reilly is also signed, in partnership with Rock Ridge Music, with a new album out June 16. Albums released on the label will be available digitally, distributed by Kobalt. A nine-song digital sampler featuring select Firebrand artists will be available at all digital stores (download here at iTunes.) "It's Like That" by Son of Nun can be heard exclusively at Rollingstone today while "I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About in My Song," a gospel song written by Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey and performed by The Last Internationale is up at Entertainment Weekly.

Morello is not only known for his incendiary guitar riffs as a founding member of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and The Nightwatchman, but he is also widely recognized for his political activism. In the last year alone Morello performed in Mexico City denouncing the disappearance of forty three students, in Los Angeles in support of port truck drivers and in Seattle to push for raising the minimum wage to $15. He also released "Marching on Ferguson" in protest of police violence, donating all profits from sales of the song to support protestor's legal defense.

Harvey has been taking his songs and stories of activism around the world over the last decade, performing in the underground political music scenes of some of the epicenters of recent uprisings including Cairo, Athens, Madrid, Reykjavík, and Lisbon. Co-founding the Riot-Folk musician's collective in 2004 and the veteran-focused anti-war group The Civilian-Soldier Alliance in 2007, Harvey has long explored the balance between music, activism, and cultural change.

"We are creating a home for politically uncompromising artists to broadcast their music to the world," explains Morello. "Son Of Nun was helping operate a volunteer medical team during the Baltimore Uprising. Ramy was tortured and lives in exile because of his leadership role on the Egyptian Revolution. Ike and Ryan occupied the Capitol building in Madison. Lycka Till are a Swedish Clash and Built For The Sea a radical Portishead. bell's roar is a queer hero and The Last Internationale are the most badass political rock n roll band since Rage Against The Machine. These are not just artists who make revolutionary music, these are real revolutionaries who make great art."

"Many underground political artists like myself agree that the ideas and perspectives we bring out in song need a larger platform - after all, we want to change the world," continues Harvey. "When I began scheming to build such a project, I naturally approached Tom. We had collaborated on a number of projects over the years, and he had a network within the music industry needed for such a visionary label. By giving such artists exposure, we will in turn expose a lot of regular people to radical ideas and perspectives about changing the world. That's a necessary process for any movement, and it's Firebrand's mission."


1. "It's Like That" Son of Nun
2. "Foul Caviar" Ramy Essam
3. "Sinking Ship" Built for the Sea
4. "PTSD" Lycka Till
5. "Light In The Morning" Ryan Harvey (feat. RAAST, Shireen & bell's roar)
6. "Slow" (Remix) bell's roar
7. "Carson McCullers" Lycka Till
8. "Devil In Me" Built for the Sea
9. "Toss & Turn" Ryan Harvey

We are living in an era of significant protest. In recent years, people around the world have surprised each other with their courage, strength, and willingness to stand against injustice - and where there has been protest, there has been music. Firebrand Records gives a platform for such voices. Born from these times, the joint-venture between Ryan Harvey and Tom Morello serves to release music that inspires, informs, and blossoms from these moments.

We know that music alone does not change the world, but we recognize that it is an integral part of the movements that do.

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