TRENDING: Adele Releases "Hello" Video; Will '25' Be 2015's Top Seller?


Adele is back after a long hiatus with "Hello," the first single off her new album 25, is another heartbreaker that will surely resonate with millions of fans around the world. The song's video, directed by Quebec filmmaker and actor Xavier Dolan and reportedly the first music video to be shot in IMAX, saw nearly 6 million views within hours of its debut online.

25, which releases on November 20, is already poised to become the top seller of 2015, which would knock Drake and One Direction out of the running. Beyond the music's universal appeal, Adele has a long year of fan anticipation working in her favor. For more reasons why her upcoming release is a shoe-in to top the charts (as if you really needed them), read this perspective on

Watch "Hello":