TRENDING: Billboard Surveys Music Execs-Their Answers Will Frighten You


How honest are music industry executives? That line may read like a joke in need of a punchline, but Billboard banked the truth when it recently sent out an anonymous survey to music executives. The questionnaire, which stuck to pretty lightweight (and in one case very inappropriate) questions, garnered 50 responses, which were both predictable and eye-opening.

Not surprisingly, 70 percent of executives surveyed "root for Taylor Swift," but perhaps surprisingly, 58 percent believe the industry is unfair to artists.

Other points of note:

Executives seem to hate listening to the genres that bring them the most money: Rap, EDM, and Pop.

Only 12 percent think TIDAL will be viable in the long run (more than one to two years).

More than half of the execs surveyed would drop their jobs for similar paying roles at Apple or Spotify.

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