TRENDING: "Pac-Man Fever" Returns for 'Pixels' Release

The Back Story of the 1981 Blockbuster Song

"Got a pocket full of quarters, and I'm heading to the arcade..."

If you're over the age 40, or a fan of retro video games, we know you know what comes next.

Just in time for the July 24 release of the Chris Columbus/Adam Sandler film Pixels, Buckner & Garcia's 1981 blockbuster novelty hit "Pac-Man Fever” has been revamped and re-released. A lyrics video of “Pac-Man Fever (Eat 'Em Up) 2015” featuring Jace Hall premiered today on Watch it here:

The background on the original song...
Struck by the emerging video game fad in 1981, keyboardist Jerry Buckner and guitarist Gary Garcia wrote and recorded “Pac-Man Fever” as a tribute to the popular video game and shopped it around to various major record labels. All the companies turned it down, but Arnie Geller heard something he liked and released it on his BGO Records. The song became an instant hit after airing on a local Akron, OH radio morning show. After selling more than 10,000 copies in its first week, the record shot up the national charts making its way to the Top 10 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” Singles Chart. The excitement created demand for an album, and Buckner & Garcia set about quickly learning every popular arcade game they could. The resulting album, Pac-Man Fever, was completed in just two weeks and became an instant sensation, selling over 2.5 million copies, and reaching #9 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart.

Subsequently, People magazine named “Pac-Man Fever” one of the top “pop cultural” events of all time, and new interest in retro video games prompted the duo to re-record the Pac-Man Fever album. It was immediately embraced by fans and continues to sell worldwide.

The duo continued to make music together until the loss of Gary Garcia in 2011. That same year, the full Pac-Man Fever album was made available in the RockBand video game.