The Vienna Symphonic Library is pleased to announce the release of SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings, a totally overhauled and remastered version of their popular Chamber Strings I Collection, re-edited for the company’s new Vienna Synchron Player. The integrated convolution reverb derived from Vienna MIR Pro provides the outstanding ambience of the main hall of Synchron Stage Vienna in real-time. The new library is available at an Introductory Price of $438 (reg. $534), with major discounts for registered users of Chamber Strings I and Synchron Strings I.

Remastered and SYNCHRON-izedSYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings features small ensembles of six first violins, six second violins, four violas, three cellos, and two double basses. For creating this library, Vienna’s sound editors went back to the raw, unprocessed sample data of the popular Chamber Strings I Collection. The original “Silent Stage” recordings were completely re-edited and re-mastered in order to achieve an all-new, modern chamber string sound that excels in terms of aesthetics, playability and realism. What’s more, the Vienna team added new velocity layers to the previously available legato articulations, such as “molto espressivo forte” variations. 

Vienna Synchron PlayerSYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings comes with the new Vienna Synchron Player that incorporates the most powerful sample playback engine on the market, featuring unprecedented streaming performance while providing a new level of ease-of-use. For this new library, Vienna’s developers added a specifically designed convolution reverb derived from Vienna MIR Pro to the Synchron Player, featuring the outstanding and unique ambience of the 5,813 sq.ft. main hall of Synchron Stage Vienna. The included perfectly engineered reverberation and placement presets combine customized impulse responses with expertly crafted reverb settings for each group of the ensemble. By adding the ambience of Synchron Stage Vienna’s Stage A to the dry samples in real-time, SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings perfectly blend with any other product of the Synchron Series – especially with Synchron Strings I, since the articulations of both libraries are equally organized and fully compatible.

Introductory Offers: SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings is currently available at $438 (reg. $534) through July 31, 2018. The upgrade price for registered users of Chamber Strings I is $174 (reg. $234). During the Introductory Period, registered users of Synchron Strings I benefit from an additional discount of $84.

The Vienna Symphonic Library is an innovative, research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The team continually strives to improve virtual orchestral music production with a special emphasis on authenticity and ease-of-use. Vienna Instruments, the company’s multi-award-winning virtual instruments in the formats AU, VST, and AAX Native, encompass an exhaustive range of solo instruments and ensembles, from their flagship Symphonic Cube to special instruments such as the Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, the Vienna Imperial grand piano, saxophones, upright bass, and even distorted guitar. Acclaimed software products include Vienna Instruments Pro, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Vienna MIR Pro and Vienna Suite Pro. In 2016, the company launched an entirely new venture: Synchron Stage Vienna, a unique scoring stage in Austria’s capital that accommodates orchestras of up to 130 musicians, merges proprietary software innovations and revolutionary approaches with traditional recording technologies and procedures.

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