Willis Clan Announce TLC Debut

New Album Released May 19th
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Like a modern day "Von Trapp Family," all fourteen members of the Willis Clan have dedicated their lives to music, dance, and art. Comprised of parents Toby and Brenda, and their twelve children, ranging in age from four to 22 - Jessica, Jeremiah, Jennifer, Jeanette, Jackson, Jedi, Jasmine, Juliette, Jamie, Joy Anna, Jaeger, and Jada - The Willis Clan is preparing for the release of their third studio album ‘Heaven’ (May 19th) and the premiere of their new reality show on TLC (May 5th). ‘Heaven’ features original music written and performed by members of the family. Inspired by musicians such as U2 and the Corrs, the album is influenced by contemporary Irish pop - merging drums, bass, electric guitars and pop synths with traditional Irish instruments and orchestration.

‘Heaven’ opens with “Now or Never,” a song about seizing the moment and abandoning your fears, that slowly builds upon shimmering strings, reverberant drums, and Jessica Willis’ uplifting vocals. At 22, Jessica is the eldest of the siblings, and with 11 writing credits on ‘Heaven,' she is the primary songwriter and vocalist for the family. On “Carried Away,” an upbeat guitar-driven song, she writes about the feeling of infatuation that accompanies new love - a theme that is woven throughout the album. All of the arrangements on 'Heaven' are performed by members of The Willis Clan, with Jeremiah on guitar and Uilleann pipes, Jessica on violin, Jennifer on accordion, Jedi on bass, Jackson on drums, Toby in charge of piano, synth, and orchestration - and the rest of the family providing backing vocals and additional instrumentation.

Since moving to the Nashville area 14 years ago from Chicago, The Willis Clan have combined their Irish roots with the multi-genre influences of music city - resulting in a unique style that's a “little bit country and a little bit rock" and blends elements of both traditional and modern sounds. The family previously starred in a self-titled reality show on GAC and made their network television debut as quarterfinalists during season nine of America’s Got Talent. On the show, they performed their dance-worthy and uptempo version of “A Few of My Favorite Things,” earning “yes” votes from the four judges - Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel - and later performed the song on the Today Show. They're now getting ready to step back into the spotlight with a new 13-episode series on TLC, The Willis Family, which will follow Brenda, Toby, and their 12 children through their [not so typical] daily lives of homeschooling and pursuing their music careers. Throughout the series, viewers will get an inside look into their lives as they travel the country sharing their talents and balancing a life at home.

Watch The Willis Clan perform on the Today Show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj14JraxIts

‘Heaven’ Tracklist:
1. Now or Never
2. Heaven
3. Carried Away
4. Don’t Leave Me Tonight
5. Bitter Cold
6. Chasing Love
7. Fair Weather Love
8. Heaven Reprise
9. Come With Me
10. City That I’m Looking For
11. So Close
12. Heaven Remix