Young Musicians’ Association Launches Platform for Free Music Instruction

For Musicians Under the Age of 18 in and Around California
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Sacramento, CA – The Young Musicians’ Association, a nonprofit operation dedicated to providing music instruction, brand placement, professional recording, and a concert venue to aspiring musicians under the age of 18 in and around California, this week officially launched their free online platform for pairing music students with experienced instructors.

“We wanted to create an association that makes the beauty and power behind music a reality for all students of music who can make a trip to Sacramento,” said Jamin Coller, Founder and Owner of Young Musicians’ Association. “Students are welcome to meet with instructors through Skype or FaceTime, and work on the refinement of their band pieces before making the trip. At the end of the project, students will collaborate with fellow band members for a final concert performance at our Sacramento venue.”

Young Musicians’ Association teaches musicians how to play a song, places them in a band, professionally records their songs, and hosts a spectacular concert for student performances.

The association has launched a Kickstarter campaign for financial backing so they can continue to provide the services for free.

For more information, or to read about the Young Musicians’ Association’s capabilities, visit: