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Just under two years ago we set out to create a weekly web column that would give you practical tips, advice, and, in many cases, “recipes” that you could implement right away to get your music noticed, grow your fanbase, and make money with music. Today, we've hit article 100!

To celebrate, we've taken the last 100 articles and mapped them to our list of DIY categories we created in our first column. By organizing them this way, it'll help you dive into all the free advice we have here at The DIY Advisor and Electronic Musician Magazine.

Happy reading!

Making Money With Music

Releasing and Selling Your Albums

Creating and Selling Your Merchandise

Creating and Making Your Music

Getting Licensed and Generating Royalties

Raising Money and Crowdfunding

Building Your Music Business

Networking and Building Your Team

Creating and Maintaining Your Persona

Marketing Your Music

Getting Your Music Heard

Getting Media Attention & PR

Making Videos

Booking and Performing Live

Building Your Web, Social, and Mobile Presence

Creating and Maintaining Your Web Site

Managing Your Social Presences

Managing Your Mobile Presences

Understanding Your Legal Rights

Learning More About Music and Music Business

Reader Questions & Answers

Thought Leader Interviews

Music Business News

That's just the first 100. We've got a ton more planned. So tune in every Wednesday. And, like the classes we teach, we want to hear from you. Your ideas. Your challenges. Your questions. Contact us via twitter @indieguide or write us directly at We want to hear from you, and so does the indie musician community.

So, keep this blog in your feed. Pop it into your Flipboard, Pulse, or other mobile reader. Bookmark it and come back each week. We'll help -- and challenge you -- to improve the business side of your music one article at a time.


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