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It's been another busy year for us at The DIY Advisor. Beyond the teaching, consulting, and numerous speaking engagements in Austin (and our annual trip to SxSW), Chicago, New York City, and Oklahoma City, we managed to also write ebooks and articles focused on making money with music. These were published outside our weekly column here at The DIY Advisor, and so, with 2017 coming to a close, we thought to collect and share them here.

Some of the ebooks and articles we published this year include the following. These are grouped, but you can click on the titles to download the ebook or read the articles.

1. Planning Your Album.

There's a lot to releasing EPs and albums into the world, so we outlined all the steps and created a planning guide to help you from beginning to end. This free PDF ebook includes: choose your album’s songs, the importance of mastering, walking through the required legal steps, preparing for online sales, updating your web and social presences, setting up a publicity campaign, tracking your results, and more. 

Note: Disc Maker's ebook is free, but to download a copy, you'll need to sign up on their mailing list.

2. The DIY Advisor: Want To Make More Money with Music? (Part 1) & The DIY Advisor: Want To Make More Money with Music? (Part 2)

After our talks for the Music Office in New York City (Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn's New York Media Center), we got connected to a not-for-profit called Musicians For Musicians, Inc. whose mission is raise the standard of living for musicians in NY and help them make more money with music, and we were glad to become members and make the connection to them. To help, we wrote a two-part guest article for their blog outlining 12 concepts successful musicians use to generate revenue. These key business and marketing concepts come from our years of research and interviews with successful musicians around the country as well as the analysis we're doing for our forthcoming book in 2018.

3. Crowdfunding Rewards: A Plan For Success, Four Ways To Fund Your Next Project & 11 Steps To Crowdfunding Success

Creating physical products and merchandise to sell to your fans is an important revenue stream for musicians, especially since the margins on merch is some of the highest you can make. As we've said, you need to focus your business on creating atoms, not just bits. One way to limit how much you invest in inventory is using print-on-demand services. But another is to use crowdfunding to work with your fans to create the high-quality type of products and merch they want to purchase to get top dollar. is one such merch service you can partner with and so we wrote a series of articles that outlined the crowdfunding steps, tips on how to set your reward levels to maximize the funding you raise, and more.

4. Making Money With Music at Urban Grind Lifestyle Magazine

After we appeared on the TV show Behind The Grind at Urban Grind TV this year, our good friend Wally Lockhard invited us to write an article for his Urban Grind Lifestyle Magazine, which we were happy to contribute to.

But while that's 2017, we have even more practical and useful articles -- and a new book -- planned for 2018. With all the research, interviews, and analysis we're doing, we expect a ton of new ebooks, articles, and columns here at The DIY Advisor. So check back each Wednesday and follow us @IndieGuide.


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