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This article is part of the Get Seen series: improving your videos to increase viewership and engagement, create better and more video content, and grow your fanbase and audience.

Because musicians today are just as much video makers as they are musicians, the past three weeks we focused on creating high-quality audio, lighting for your videos, and techniques to speed up and simplify your video production process. Doing so can help grow your audience and make money with music in today's internet-driven music industry. This week we're tackling steps you need to do to prepare your videos before completing them and uploading them to YouTube. That way you increase the likelihood of getting fans and increasing sales.

To make your promotion and sales most effective, you'll want to ensure your videos are aligned to your persona and brand, that your music is ready for sale, that your video's audio is high-quality, and your web and social presences are ready-to-go. Use these four prep-steps before putting your videos out there. Beyond helping you get more fans and increasing your sales, these four steps will also help you get more out of the the techniques in Five Ways to Make Money On YouTube and How to Increase Your Video Views On YouTube.

Follow these four steps:

1. Prepare your brand.

Your logos, pictures, image assets, descriptions of your music, your story, and nearly every other aspect of your public persona usually gets used in your videos as well as on your channel. For instance, check out the logo and images at the end of Gangnam Style, a video that has crossed two billion views. Have your persona and brand elements ready to go and it'll not only make your production easier, it'll keep your videos consistent with everything else you release into the world.

2. Make sure your music is already available for sale.

Remember the days when musicians had to give away MP3s to get fans a sample of the music to entice them to buy more? Your music videos give them a sample, and your goal is to get them to buy it after watching. No need to provide a link to the "free download" since they've already had a chance to listen to it for free from the video. Instead, tell your viewers where to buy your track. The first line in the video description should be a link to where fans can buy the track. This will help you catch any impulse buys. To do this, you must have your track already available for sale when you release the video. If your video catches on or goes viral, your fans should be able to buy it? Don't miss out on this opportunity!

3. Prepare your video's audio.

For many fans, your videos will be their first exposure to your music. As we stated in our previous DIY Advisor article about creating high-quality audio, use a WAV file in the production of your video. This will ensure the audio in the video is the highest-quality it can be since YouTube compresses the audio track when you upload the video. By using the WAV file and not an MP3, you're guaranteeing YouTube doesn't compress your track a second time. This can result in poor audio, leaving a poor impression of your music to viewers.

4. Prepare your web and social presences.

Once your finished video is up, let your fans know by posting it to your social presences to promote it and start the chain of views and shares. To save time, YouTube allows you to connect sites like Twitter so you can alert your followers. However, you can automate all of your social media posts through tools like Hootsuite and others. Even if you automate your tweets, it's usually best to do it manually so you can add the right comment and enhance the likelihood it will be shared.

Although you can make money from videos directly, you can also use it to promote other aspects of your music income like music purchases, merchandise and more. Next week we'll talk about four more steps that will make it more likely people will share your videos and help you grow sales.

Challenge: Use one of these techniques above and improve your posted videos.


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