After you get coverage in a media outlet, you have work to do after all the high-fives. Don't miss these six very simple steps...

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After you get PR coverage through a campaign in a media outlet, there’s more work to do than just high-five one another. Don't miss these six simple steps:

1. Save a Copy and Keep an Archive of Your Coverage.

One thing that will inevitably happen to all your music reviews and coverage: it will disappear. So, grab a copy as soon as you can so you have access to it in the future. If it's online, you can use tools like Evernote’s web clipper or your browser’s scrapbook feature, such as Firefox’s Scrapbook add-in, to capture the page. If it's not online, you will have to clip the article the old fashioned way (and yes, there still is non-internet coverage). For these mentions, you’ll want to scan or take photos of the coverage so you can archive it. Mentions, coverage, and reviews are important as they give you credibility. You’ll want every mention easily available for your media, press, and booking kits.

2. Add the Journalist and Media Outlet To Your Press List.

Sometimes you get coverage where you haven’t submitted your work. In these great cases, be sure to add the journalist/blogger and the media outlet to your press list. Wherever you’ve been written about is the most likely place to get future coverage second only to places that musicians like you are being covered.

3. Send a Thank You

Coverage is a great opportunity to reach out to the journalist/blogger who covered you and thank them. This is a good idea to help solidify your relationship with them since the music business is based on who you know. But don’t just stop at a thank you. In your same message, you can bring up your next planned work and see if they want to cover you in the future.

4. Update Your Media/Press Kits, Website, and Web Presences.

When you get great coverage -- use it! Don’t let it sit. Recent quotes from reviews or other mentions are always a great addition to a press kit, web presences, and media/press pages on your website.

5. Share Your Coverage on Social Media.

Media and press coverage of you and your music is the perfect thing to talk about on social media. Tweet about it. Post it. Share it. It's very effective because it’s not just you talking about your music or yourself -- it’s someone else, an external source. And because it’s someone else talking about you, it gives you extra credibility. This can prompt retweets, reposts, and shares.

6. Share Your Coverage with Other PR Outlets and Get More Coverage.

The key to getting more and more publicity is to build on the successes you get by targeting other outlets and journalists/bloggers. Do this by by sending them a link to the coverage you received and highlight some quotes from it. You can target blogs or outlets with similar audiences or demographics as the one you received coverage in, but the goal is to grow the size of the audience that you might reach with each article written about you, so going “upward” is a good idea...

Getting coverage is especially good if you're already in the middle of a media/press campaign -- meaning, you’re busy targeting the media to cover you and your music and generate some publicity. Go back and reach out to any journalists that you’ve contacted but haven’t heard from yet to see if the recent coverage can trigger interest and a response. Journalists and bloggers love catching trends and tend to react to this. If you’re not in the middle of a media/press campaign, then use any recent coverage to start one by hitting journalists/bloggers and media outlets on your list that might be interested in covering you or possibly doing a music review, article, or profile on you.

So next time you get coverage for something you do, don’t just sit there -- snowball it into something greater. The key to getting more and more publicity is to build on the successes you get and turn them into additional coverage. If you do it right, the momentum can spiral and you’ll get you and your music in front of more people, helping to grow your fanbase.


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