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CDBaby’s first DIY Musician Conference is this weekend (Oct 23-25) in our hometown of Chicago. Both of us will be participating in the conference and holding one-on-one mentor sessions.

The conference is already sold out, and is focused on the practical steps that musicians need to take to grow their music careers. The conference will have keynotes, breakout sessions, meet-and-greets, and one-on-one consultations where artists work closely with mentors. You can sign up to meet and consult with either of us. Although we consult on our own, and we love to help musicians personally, we’ve been booked this year with other commitments so this is a great opportunity to connect with us if you’re attending.

Tom Jackson will also be at the conference, hosting a Live Band Makeover. If you're planning to be at the conference, we highly recommend you see Tom in action. He's an amazing talent, and has created the language and mechanics to turn a live show into a compelling event that packs the room and engages the audience. Any musician who plays live will get a lot out of Tom's session.

And also mentoring at the conference will be our friend Bob Baker, who inspired us to write the The Indie Band Survival Guide.

Finally, beyond the conference this weekend, we are participating in other events while releasing a steady stream of articles -- all of which are out now and are worth checking out:

On top of this, we continue to write weekly here at The DIY Advisor, as well as working on feature articles for Electronic Musician Magazine that will be released in the coming months on topics such as copyright registration, music licensing, and more. Keep your eye on this blog and Electronic Musician for the latest DIY info and techniques.


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