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We've all heard the saying that luck plays a big part in the music business. A chance meeting by the right person on the street can get you your next licensing deal. The question is, are you walking down the right streets?

While some of luck is definitely out of your hands, there's a lot you can do to improve your chances. Not only can you create luck, you can get more out of opportunities when they come your way.

To help you create your own luck, try these steps:

1. Get out there.

It's hard to get lucky if your music isn't available to the world. When you release your music today, it's immediately global. A track might grow beyond your album and get picked up and licensed for use in film, TV, or commercials.

But “getting out there” involves more than just releasing your music. What you should do to increase your chances is:

2. Recognize opportunities when they present themselves.

Opportunities aren't always obvious. First of all, don't get so focused on your current goals that you miss new ones that come in. Second, opportunities might be based on people you're already working with. Our entire third album happened because a website decided they liked one of our songs, and asked if they could post it. After we got tens of thousands of downloads from that single post, we offered to do more music for the site and cross-promote it with them, which helped us develop an entirely new fanbase.

3. Take advantage of opportunities when they come in.

It's not enough to get lucky and find an opportunity. You need to be able to take advantage of one when it comes. For example, if someone wants to license your music, do you have the copyright registered? Licensors expect all the rights to be clear and you should be able to prove it. Do you have the music ready in formats they need it in? Do you have a music licensing contract? Each of these can be prepared in advance so you can get the most out of the opportunity when it strikes.

4. Think FAAT.

There are four things you can enhance in yourself to make luck happen:

  • Favor: Are you doing favors for people? Doing favors is at the heart of networking and will generate favors back.
  • Attitude: Do you have the right attitude to get the most out of the opportunities that luck brings your way?
  • Aptitude: If an opportunity comes, do you know how to take advantage of it?
  • Time: Do you have the time to take advantage of it? If you don't, all of that luck won't get you anywhere.

As you can see, you can tilt luck in your favor. The important thing is to make the right plans going forward to generate the most opportunities for yourself, and your music.


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Photo Credit: Umberto Salvagnin