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Last year at Thanksgiving we talked about the flipside of giving thanks: how to receive it. Besides gratefully acknowledging the compliment, there are a lot of things you can do when fans thank you as well as when people you're doing business with thank you to give them a chance to do something for you if they wish. The key is to harness their energy and politely ask if they'd do something for you that's easy for them, such as telling the venue that they loved your show.

But what if you want to give thanks? How do you really make it count? It's easy: you need to do the same things we wrote about last year but without being asked.

When you give thanks to someone, you receive something as well:

  • It benefits your well-being: Scientific experiments have shown a strong connection between giving thanks and a sense of gratitude and being happy. In fact, one simple suggestion to improve your happiness is to start every day by sending thanks to someone via email or some other means.
  • It benefits your business: As we talked about here at The DIY Advisor, networking is about finding ways to help people. When you do, they'll go out of their way to help you back. Giving thanks is another way to build and strengthen your network.

But when you give thanks, instead of just saying the words, how much more powerful would it be if you did something for them, and then told them afterwards?

Below are some ideas to juice up your thank you skills:

1. Before thanking them directly, shine a spotlight on them on your social media and web presences.

Everyone wants exposure, and this is simple to do, even if it's a tweet. This is so much more powerful than just emailing or telling them "thank you" since it's public. See if you can share their work on your social platforms, whether that's a video, audio, or a link to a post to your own fanbase. Then when you email or tell them thank you directly, you can show them the post you made earlier. They may want to re-share it and acknowledge you back giving you some attention as well. This only makes sense considering that sharing things on your social media that your fans would like is one of the key types of content to share on your social media.

2. Before thanking them directly, tell the people they're doing business with that you liked them.

Thanking a musician that you liked after a show is great, but what's really effective is sharing how much you liked the show to the venue, especially to the people that booked them. It makes it much more likely that they'll get booked again.

3. Write a testimonial for them.

If you spend a few minutes to write a quick testimonial, they can then quote it in their marketing materials and use it in other ways to generate business.

4. Send business their way.

There's no better thanks than a referral.

Similar to the first two articles, this isn't an exhaustive list. But it is a reminder that you can very easily go beyond just saying "thanks." Be creative. Besides feeling good about yourself, you'll increase the chances of getting so much more in return.

Challenge: Thank someone using one of the techniques above.


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