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Social media is here to stay. It’s shown to be a powerful tool for anyone to promote themselves, connect with fans, and grow an audience. Plus, it's free. With it, musicians now have the ability to engage people around the world in an instant. And yet, when it comes to using social media, many musicians aren’t sure what to share or how often to post.

If you’ve ever wondered whether there was more to social media than just posting what you ate or tweeting “buy my latest track” over and over again, then Ariel Hyatt, the founder of the boutique online PR firm, CyberPR, has the recipe for you. Ariel’s been writing, speaking, and advising musicians, artists, and businesses on how to use social media effectively. Although we interviewed Ariel for The Indie Band Survival Guide and Electronic Musician, Ariel recently updated her "Social Media Food Pyramid" for 2015 and it’s worth sharing.

The secret to building and maintaining a following on social media is to mix it up. Ariel equates social media posts to the food pyramid -- you need the right balance of foods to stay healthy just like you need the right balance of posts to keep your audience engaged. For example, promoting yourself and your music is desert and most of your posts will be talking about other things (meat and grains).

To make sure you share the right type of content, Ariel has categorized the 5 types of posts -- and their frequency -- that you should be creating. The Pyramid helps structure your posts so you know what to share and how often.

Ariel’s Social Media Food Pyramid was something we called out and included in The Indie Band Survival Guide and we were very happy to see she just updated it for 2015. Check out Ariel’s blog post where she dives deeper into the 5 types of posts and how to incorporate it into your own social media strategy. You’ll not only better connect with your fans and followers, you’ll also be better at promoting yourself and your music at the just right frequency.

Challenge: Test it out! Give Ariel’s Social Media Food Pyramid approach a try for the next four weeks to see how it helps you better connect with your social media audience.


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Photo credit: Ariel Hyatt & CyberPR