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There are a lot of changes coming and we're excited to tell you what's ahead!

As we said in our welcome back article we've spent the last 5 years intensely researching, working, and writing on the topic of money and music so we could help musicians make more income. Currently we've documented over 300 methods to make money with music, and we seem to constantly find new ideas to share. This research became the basis of our fourth book Making Money With Music, published by St. Martin's Press (Macmillan), and will be in stores worldwide this September 4th. Because of this, we're making some changes on our end so we can dedicate even more time on helping musicians learn how to tap revenue streams, the techniques to boost them, and generate more income from their music for their business and livelihood.

Here's what's happening

All the above requires a lot of time and energy, so after writing over 170 articles since 2014 (!), we're going to retire our weekly DIY Advisor column. Instead, we'll pivot back toward writing articles for Electronic Musician Magazine -- which we've been doing for over ten years now.

We've loved writing this column immensely and want to thank everyone we've worked with at EM who made this possible. That includes Sarah Jones, EM's former editor-in-chief, who was the one who hit on the idea of getting us to do this in the first place. She suggested writing a column twice a month, but we rolled up our sleeves and took on the challenge to write weekly. There was just so much to share.

We'd also like to thank Gino Robair, EM and Keyboard's current editor-in-chief, who continues to pour his all into the magazines and music for the readers. And, where would be without mentioning Barbara Schultz, who kept the day-to-day operations humming along and was a delight to work with.

Although this is the last DIY Advisor column, this isn't goodbye. Even after 170 articles and our latest book with 126,000 words, we're still sitting on a huge backlog of unreleased articles, methods, and ideas we are looking forward to sharing in our newsletter.

Thanks for the years of your DIY Advisor readership, great emails -- questions, success stories, and ideas. And, as we like to sign in our books, keep bringing music into the world.

Check out our upcoming book Making Money With Music, to be released September 4, 2018. (PRE ORDER HERE)


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