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You can usually easily tell which websites, online radio stations, or places to hear music are aimed at musicians compared to music fans. They claim that they'll get your music tons of plays. But, no music fan cares about that type of message and would leave the page immediately if they wound up there. Meanwhile, sites that are aimed at fans simply show artists, genres, and music. Those are the places where you want your music to be when you're trying to get heard.

One of the most tempting places to aim your music might be places that claim to play "independent", "indie", "unsigned", or "new" artists. Although you might identify yourself or your music this way, you should usually skip places that say this. Here's why:

1. "Indie" or "Independent" Doesn't Tell Anyone What The Music Sounds Like.

Although there are some places in the world where "indie" has a stylistic meaning, in general, it usually means that the artist is independent of a label. But there are independent musicians of every type genre, including classical, folk, heavy metal, EDM, and...the list goes on. Being a place that features indie musicians doesn't really tell the fans what the music sounds like and therefore is often ignored.

2. Fans Don't Care What Contracts The Artists Signed to Make Their Music.

Classifying the music by whether an artist is signed or not doesn't say anything about the type of music. Fans don't care about whether you’re signed to a label -- they just want to hear great music. Since indie isn’t a classification that most fans care about, it's not a very effective way to market your music.

3. Fans Search For Genres.

Go to a site like Live365 or other streaming sites and you'll see music categorized by genres. If your music is EDM, you'll want it played on those EDM stations -- included alongside other popular EDM songs. If it's country, you'll want it played next to country hits. Put your music where fans are listening and looking for their favorite style of music, and you'll get it into more ears. To get ideas as to where to place your music, find similar artists in your genre and get your music played in the same places.

The key then is to skip any site or streaming service that is marketed or aimed at “independent”, “indie”, or “unsigned” music. It's not where your listeners will be. Instead, to get your music into the places where music fans listen and discover music, target getting your music heard in the same places where other popular songs in the same genre are played.


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Photo Credit: Mark Jensen