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We're back!

We took a brief break from The DIY Advisor to work on our latest project and do more research to generate new and practical articles for you. But we also have an exciting announcement for you based on the work we did while we were on hiatus.

On September 4th, 2018, we'll be releasing our fourth book, Making Money With Music. (Preorder the book here) from St. Martin's Press/Macmillan.


To make a living at music today you need to tap multiple income streams. While most musicians focus on only a few sources of revenue, this new book gives you over 100 revenue streams you can unlock -- and the knowledge on how to tap them. Whether you're a solo artist, band, DJ, EDM producer, or other musician, our new book shares strategies to generate revenue, grow your fan base, and thrive in today's technology-driven music environment. Plus, like The DIY Advisor column here, it lists hundreds of services, tools, and critical resources you need to run your business and maximize income.

Making Money With Music covers things like:

  • How to tap over 100 income streams.
  • 7 business strategies you can implement immediately.
  • How to start your music business for $0.
  • How to register your music to collect all of the royalties you are owed worldwide.
  • 13 ways to compete with free and build experiences to drive fan loyalty and engagement into everything you do to increase your revenue.
  • 45 categories of places to get your music heard and videos seen so you can get discovered, grow your fanbase, generate royalties, and boost licensing opportunities.
  • 10 methods for raising money so you can fund your music production and projects.

Although we spent the last nine months working on this manuscript (over 125,000 words!) this is the result of everything we've learned over the 12 years we've been researching and writing about music business (not to mention the 20+ years of running our own band). As readers of this column know, we've been focused on how musicians today can generate revenue and maximize income.

This money focus dates back to our 2013 talk called "Making Money With Music" which we put together for members of the San Francisco Recording Academy chapter (the organization behind the Grammys.) We've since given this talk all over the country, refining, and updating it over the years. Considering the interest it received, we decided to put together a clearly written, easy-to-use masterwork on the subject aimed directly at helping musicians make more money with music today.

That's not all: we're already booking talks all over North America to help musicians directly and are working on a newsletter for direct coverage of money and music topics. We'll be sharing these announcements as we lock each of them in. Keep your eye out because we might be speaking in a city near you.

But that doesn't mean that the weekly column will stop. In fact, we have more new material than ever. Expect a lot more fresh DIY Advisor articles based on the latest research starting next week.


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