It's been over a year since we launched the weekly DIY Advisor web column and it’s time to celebrate.  With 57 free articles behind us, we thought we'd put together the top 10 list of most popular DIY Musician articles...

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It's been over a year since we launched the weekly DIY Advisor web column and it’s time to celebrate. Back in November of 2014, we set out to create a practical web column that would help musicians get their music heard, distributed, sold, booked, promoted, and seen in today’s internet-powered music industry. And 57 free articles later and a ton of reader feedback, questions, and comments, we’ve made significant strides in achieving that goal.

But we’re far from done. We have a lot more to share in 2016! We've been planning out the year, researching topics, and interviewing top industry professionals and thought leaders. But since the calendar year is closing out, we thought we'd put together the top 10 list of most popular DIY Musician articles.

Drum roll or TR-808 snare roll please...

10. The 3 Secrets to Making a Successful Music Business

There are three things to know behind the single formula powering every business -- and music business -- that many neglect.

9. 5 Ways To Improve Every Marketing Message You Send

Make marketing simple and effective by applying these five techniques.

8. 28 Categories of Places to Get Your Music Heard

Getting heard is the goal of nearly every musician out there, and there are more opportunities to get heard than most musicians know about, let alone take advantage of. Most are free. This article is based on a talk that we've given at Guitar Centers around the country, as well as articles we've written in various magazines. Plus, it's an entire chapter of The Indie Band Survival Guide (Second Edition).

7. How To Make Merchandise for Free

Although print-on-demand merchandise has been around for over 10 years, there are many musicians that either don't know about this, or haven't really explored all it offers. If you have any images related to your music at all -- like a logo or album cover -- there's no excuse to not offer t-shirts and merchandise using these no-cost-to-you techniques.

6. Challenging Yourself in 2015

Don't worry--we'll be challenging you for 2016 as well! Call it your musician's new year's resolution.

5. How to Choose a Band/Artist/DJ Name That’s Memorable, Searchable, Trademarkable, and Yours

We invent new names for music or artistic projects often and go through this process every time to make sure that the name is unique, searchable, and memorable.

4. The Top 4 Networking Strategies For Musicians

Nearly all of the articles we write are based on our own experience with our band and music. These four strategies are ones we use constantly to this day.

3. You’ve Got 28 Days To Make Your Next Album. Go.

The music challenges we cover in this article helped our band create some of our best albums. We can’t promote these annual creative exercises enough. It’s well worth your time to do.

2. Three Stories You Should Be Able to Tell About Your Music

This is one of the first articles we published at the DIY Advisor and it’s also one of the most referenced. Do you have all three versions ready to go?

1. How To Get Automatic Alerts When Your Band Is Mentioned Online

We're able to react immediately when our names, and our music, gets mentioned online thanks to the automatic alerts we set up. And, it’s a great research tool to inform your marketing and get heard strategies. Are you getting alerts for your music?

Those are this year’s top 10 articles. And since we have your attention, we’d like to thank you for reading and all your comments and questions! We can't wait to share what we’ve written for next year and to find out what the top 10 will be for 2016.


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