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Every year we look back into our reader stats to see which DIY Advisor articles were the most read, shared, and discussed. Here's this year's countdown running down the top ten articles in 2017 from 10 down to 1.

10. Make Sure You Do This If You Make Remixes Of Your Music.

If you release remixes or different versions of your music, each one of these is a separate sound recording from the point of view of royalty organizations like SoundExchange or Performance Rights Organizations like ASCAP and BMI. And unless you register each one, you're potentially leaving money on the table that's yours. This article covers how to avoid missing out on what you're owed.

9. 6 Ways to Speed Up Your Video Production.

To grow your audience and make money with music in today's internet-driven music industry, musicians today are just as much videomakers today as they are musicians. Distributing internet video on YouTube is free, provides a great way to engage your fanbase, can expose your music to a greater audience, and is another income stream you should turn on. The past two weeks we focused on creating high-quality audio and lighting for your videos. This article we discuss how techniques to speed up and simplify your video production process.

8. The Top 10 Places Where You Can Get PR For Your Music and How To Tackle It (Part One) and The Top 10 Places Where You Can Get PR For Your Music and How To Tackle It (Part Two).

Last week we discussed the difference between marketing and PR and discovered PR doesn't need to cost anything, and simply takes a little time and effort. So, to help you publicize your latest release, show, or event, for $0, we've created a list of 10 media outlets you should target.

7. How to find pre-cleared and royalty-free video clips and photos for your videos.

With video being critical for promoting your music and growing your audience, musicians need to know how best to create engaging videos, with as much care as you do your music. So to help, over the past five weeks we tackled the importance of creating high-quality audio, proper lighting for your videos, techniques to speed up and simplify your video production process, and eight prep steps you should use before completing and uploading your videos to YouTube. This week we're tackling the problem of finding footage and image assets to use in videos.

6. 3 Steps to Grow Your Audience By Narrowing Your Marketing

Recently, we did a talk at Chicago's 2112 and Fort Knox Studios which brought musicians, producers, label heads, and managers from around the city together. The question of building a fan following came up. When we asked them, "who's your target audience?" we got the typical answer: "Everyone." Really? Everyone? Senior citizens? 5-year olds? Is it worth it for you to market your music in retirement homes and daycare centers? One of the paradoxes of marketing is to grow your audience, you need to narrow it. And there are specific techniques you can use to narrow your target audience we cover here.

5. The Five Things You Need So You Can DIY

The music DIY revolution has done one thing more than any other: it’s put this industry in the hands of any musician who wants to participate. Although new technologies and fresh ideas have allowed musicians to do things musicians in the past may have only dreamt about, the story of the last 10 years alone has been one of lowering every barrier -- from making the music to getting it to your fans. In fact, every aspect of the music industry is now available to you, and nearly all of them free or very inexpensive. Here are 5 things you need to do it yourself.

4. Four Techniques To Immediately Improve The Audio Quality Of Your Videos

Since YouTube is the top search engine for music in the world and since there are so many ways to monetize video, you need to have both your music and videos there. To help you conquer YouTube, starting this week and all through the month of May, The DIY Advisor will focus its articles on improving your game for video.This first installment covers one of the most important things every video needs: great audio.

3. What's The Difference Between Marketing and PR?

One question we're often asked when we speak at events is "What's the difference between marketing and PR?" While many musicians think they're the same, they're actually quite different. And as a musician, you need to know why in order to build awareness for you and your music effectively.

2. The Secrets of Personal Branding.

Most people who will hear your music will never meet you in person. Instead, they’ll meet your music, your videos, your images, your live show, and your merch. Even the people who see you play live will never really get to spend time with you. As a musician and public figure, who they’re really meeting is your persona. So, the question is: have you created the persona you want them to meet?

1. How To Make Your Music Easy to License For TV, Advertising, Films and Trailers.

Getting your music licensed for use in TV, advertising, films and movie trailers is a great way to turn up the income if you can achieve it. To do this, you should understand the mindset and goals of Music Supervisors, the people who choose the music for TV and film. While we discussed this in detail in our EM feature article Master Class: Get Placed, Get Paid, today we want to talk about how to prepare your music to make it as easy as possible for them and increase your chances of earning license income.

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