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One of the hidden trends in the music industry is the availability of training and information that’s available online. Today, you can learn anything through the web -- instruments, music theory, recording techniques, software, mastering, music business, and more. As the tools of music production continue to become more within reach, it makes sense music instruction would follow.

To help you get started or enhance the places to seek out instruction, we’ve put together a list of sources you should consider checking out -- online or via mobile.

1. YouTube

YouTube has a video for nearly everything you can imagine, so it should be no surprise it has tons of music classes, information, and instruction available. On the plus side, the topics are limitless and the videos are free. The downside is since anyone can upload videos, you can't always be sure about the quality of the content. Also, you might find that some YouTube videos may not give you the depth of coverage on a particular topic you’re seeking, unlike a dedicated course can achieve. That said, it’s always a great way to start your research.

2. CreativeLive

CreativeLive has a different take on online training: it puts instructors into a TV studio and broadcasts the courses live. These courses are free to stream if you catch it while it airs online. Plus, you can interact with the instructors and the hosts of the class via chat. CreativeLive sells downloads of the courses as well. That way you can access parts you may have missed or watch a course that aired in the past. Our Making Money With Music course was produced by CreativeLive and it resulted in 15 hours of in depth material on the topic. But we’re one of many and we’re continually impressed by the high quality of the instructors and courses on their music channel.

3. Lynda

Lynda is an online learning platform that’s organized somewhat like Netflix. They hire experts to teach courses in a ton of categories -- including audio and music -- and create classes specializing in each. Lynda charges a monthly fee for access to its entire library which allows you to stream or download to watch on your own schedule. Lynda has classes like Music Law: Copyrighting a Song, Getting Started in the Business of Songwriting, or even Social Media Basics for Musicians and Bands. They also have classes on all kinds music tools, like Ableton.

4. Groove3

Groove3 specializes in creating training videos for the pro audio community. As a result, it tends to focus on instructional content about specific gear and hardware, software, DAW, synths, and more. Groove3 allows you to pay per class, or pay an all-access fee that allows you to watch the entire library, similar to Lynda.

5. Berklee Online

If you want to have a structured course with an instructor, Berklee Online might be the right choice for you. Berklee is the online extension school of Berklee College of Music that delivers access to its curriculum from anywhere in the world. Each course costs a set fee and varies in its pricing. Signing up for a course comes with homework, class times, a dedicated instructor -- everything you’d expect from attending a college course. You can even go through an entire degree program.

6. Udemy

Udemy is a platform that allows people from around the world to create their own classes on any topic that they want and sell them to viewers. This includes audio, music production, and music business courses. Udemy allows class creators to set their own price, so access fees for the courses can vary. Because it allows anyone to create a class, it's a good idea to look through the comments and ratings to see if the course covers what you’re looking for and if others found it helpful -- before laying down money for it. But because it's so open, there’s a large amount of topics and courses available.

Given how fast-moving music production and business moves, there's a constant need to keep up and learn new techniques, strategies, and skillsets. The right kind of training platforms and courses can help you create new opportunities for you and your music. By improving your knowledge and skills, you’ll not only learn new ways to express yourself musically, but also to succeed in this ever-changing business.

Challenge: Learn something new by watching a YouTube video or taking a class to enhance your knowledge.


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