Hal Leonard Publishes Pitch Correction Software Now!

Hal Leonard Publishes Pitch Correction Software Now! The most innovative and popular pitch correction titles today and how to apply them to your music 

Hal Leonard Publishes Pitch Correction Software Now!

The most innovative and popular pitch correction titles today and how to apply them to your music

MONTCLAIR, NJ (May 20, 2013) - Since Auto-Tune was released in 1997, pitch correction has become
a standard component to modern audio production, both as an effect and as a discrete processing tool. The
technology has matured considerably since then, and pitch correction is now available in many different
flavors. Pitch Correction Software Now! offers a practical guide full of tips and tricks designed to quickly
get you up to speed with the most popular pitch-correction products available today.

From the popular and slick T-Pain Effect and Nectar - both by pitch correction powerhouse iZotope - to
professional polyphonic pitch correction using Celemony's Melodyne DNA, this focused tutorial makes it
easy to choose the best pitch-correction products for your music creation needs and helps you incorporate
them into your music production workflow.

Accomplished music industry writer Max Mobley uses his easy-to-understand writing style and industry
expertise to deliver a book that provides clear and concise practical advice in setting up and using several
different pitch-correction plug-ins, including Antares' newest version of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Live.

From live stages to home studios, whether you want a vocal effect or precise, transparent monophonic or
polyphonic pitch processing, Pitch Correction Software Now! puts music producers of all levels on the fast
track to mastering the many forms of modern pitch correction.

About the author
Max Mobley has been a music industry professional most of his life, working as a guitarist and live sound
engineer, and writing and producing songs for film and television. As a product and support manager for E-
MU Systems, Inc., he worked with many artists and producers, including Danny Elfman, Teddy Riley, and
the Cure. As a product manager for Antares Audio Technologies – the developers of Auto-Tune – Mobley
gained an insider’s expertise into pitch correction technology. Mobley penned the popular “Riot Gear”
column for Crawdaddy! magazine and has written dozens of reviews, interviews, and profiles for Premier
Guitar magazine, including interviews with Adrian Belew, Imogen Heap, Alex Lifeson, Alan Parsons, and
Grammy-winning producer Giles Martin (the Beatles “Love” show). Writing full-time from his studio in the
Santa Cruz Mountains, Mobley is an avid Rush geek and has written extensively about the band. Find Max
Mobley on Facebook or visit his website www.maxmobley.com

Pitch Correction Software Now!
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