Available today at SoundsOnline.com: Hollywood Strings Silver and Hollywood Brass Silver

EASTWEST Celebrates Its Silver AnniversaryWith Silver Editions Of Their Acclaimed Virtual Instruments

Hollywood, CA (March 18, 2013) – Exactly 25years ago today marks the founding of EASTWEST, the world’s premier producer ofvirtual instruments! To celebrate this silver anniversary, EASTWEST releasesHollywood Strings Silver and Hollywood Brass Silver as downloadstoday.

The price for these editions is $199 each, which is an incredible bargain giventhe critical acclaim this series has received, and the fact the Gold andDiamond versions are in wide use by top composers. The Silver editions allow students and those who are on a tight budgetor use average computers to work with sound quality and detail only known frommovies and professional recordings.

HollywoodStrings is the most detailed string orchestra library available today.Recorded with a live orchestra at the famous EASTWEST STUDIO 1, the same studiowhere many Hollywood soundtracks and television themes were produced, Hollywood Strings offers unprecedentedcontrol over sound and performance. This collection of virtual sounds made by co-producersDoug Rogers, Nick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen and Emmy Award winning soundengineer Shawn Murphy is a must have compositional tool for serious composers.

Hollywood Brass, also recorded at EASTWEST STUDIO 1 and thesecond installment in the Hollywood series, is the most powerful, realistic andextensive brass library ever created. Revolutionary fanfare patches are lighton computer resources, but offer the most playable and instantly gratifyingresults on just one midi channel. Especially noteworthy are the articulationswhich really show how far EastWest went to create the ultimate orchestral brasslibrary. Just like the Gold and Diamond editions, Hollywood Brass Silvercontains pure Hollywood magic.

The Silver editions allow all musicians to experience superb samples andwork on the same level as top professionals. They are a great opportunity toget one’s feet wet before moving on to the larger Gold and Diamond editions towhich customers can easily upgrade for the difference in cost and a smallupgrade fee of $50 (€40).

·Diamond editions include all 5 mic positions,includes bow change legato and divisi exclusively and 24-bit samples

·Gold editions include 1 mic position, all otherinstruments and articulations except these detailed above and 16-bit samples

·Silver editions include 1 mic position, withlimited instruments and articulations and 16-bit samples

Happy 25th Anniversary, EASTWEST!

EASTWEST (www.soundsonline.com) has been dedicated to perpetualinnovation and uncompromising quality of Sample Libraries and VirtualInstruments for 24 years, setting the industry standard as the most criticallyacclaimed soundware developer. More about EASTWEST atsoundsonline.com, on Facebook andTwitter @EastWestSounds.