Mauricio Garza Masters Napoleón with Paul Grundman at Bernie's

Mexican Superstar Returns with First New Album in 20 Years

Mexican Superstar Returns with First New Album in 20 Years

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 Pictured (L-R) at Bernie Grundman's are recording engineer/mixer Mauricio Garza and mastering engineer Paul Grundman. Photo by David Goggin.

Prolific songwriter and legendary Mexican recording artist José María Napoleón has returned with his first album of new material in 20 years. Produced by Latin Grammy-winner producer Armando Gomez Brandon, the new album was mastered at Bernie Grundman's by renowned recording engineer and mixer Mauricio Garza and mastering engineer Paul Grundman.

"I've worked at Bernie's before with mastering engineers Brian Gardner and Chris Bellman and it's always a good experience," commented Mauricio Garza. "This time working with Paul Grundman was equally great. This is a very important album by a true Latin legend and the final mastered sound is perfect, unbelievable."

Active for more than 40 years, Mexican singer and songwriter José María Napoleón began his storied career in 1970 with his first big single, "El Grillo." From there, a series of hit singles followed, and his songwriting skills would be recognized and covered by other major artists such as Pepe Aguilar and Plácido Domingo. In 2011, via the Universal label, Napoleón released "La Historia de los Éxitos," a collection of his greatest hits.

"We have a long history of working with great Latin artists, like Antonio Marco Solis, Mana, Enrique Eglesias, Jenni Rivera, and Juan Gabriel," remarked Paul Grundman. "Armando and Mauricio put a lot of time into this landmark project and it sounds fantastic. He doesn't murder his mixes, but gives me room to work with him to achieve what he is looking for in the final master. As a good producer, engineer and songwriter himself, he knows how to best prepare a mix for the best possible result."

The as-yet-untitled album is set for release later this year on UMLA Fonovisa.

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