KARMA Software 2.2.11 Release - for Korg Kronos, M3, Oasys, M50

Karma-Lab, the developers of the KARMA algorithmic music technology, has released a free update to four of its Korg-related software applications.
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July 11, 2015 - Karma-Lab has released a free update to four of its Korg-related software applications:

KARMA Kronos 2.2.11 Update - for Korg Kronos

KARMA M3 2.2.11 Update - for Korg M3

KARMA M50 2.2.11 Update - for Korg M50

KARMA Oasys 2.2.11 Update- for Korg OASYS

The 2.2.11 update adds new features, improvements, reliability enhancements and bug fixes, and is recommended for all users.

About: KARMA® is the award-winning algorithmic music generation system developed by programmer and professional musician Stephen Kay that takes input notes and controller movements and generates complex musical phrases and effects.

KARMA Software allows you to manage, edit, control and visualize the KARMA features of your Korg in far greater depth than what is available on the keyboard itself - or in the case of the M50, adds the KARMA features to a keyboard that doesn't have them. Features include:

  • Generate unique musical effects in real-time including: techno arpeggios & effects; dynamic drum/bass/synth grooves; dense rhythmic & melodic textures; natural sounding glissandos; guitar strumming and finger-picking; random effects; auto-accompaniment effects; gliding portamento and pitch bend effects.
  • Complete access to the 400+ parameters making up a KARMA GE (Generated Effect).
  • Graphical editing and creation of Drum Patterns, Rhythm Patterns, Duration Patterns, Index Patterns, Cluster Patterns, Velocity Patterns, CC Patterns, Wave-Sequence Patterns, Envelopes, Note Maps, and more!
  • Create new GEs, and edit existing GEs into new configurations. Download the GEs to the keyboard via MIDI SysEx Dump, or via export to a .KGE file (supported models).
  • One-step MIDI (SysEx) upload/download of Programs and Combis.
  • Import phrases and drum grooves exported from the internal sequencer (supported models), or from any .MID source (such as external sequencers) and transform them into KARMA GEs. Automatically assign GE Parameters and RTC Models and instantly begin varying your phrase in the amazingly interactive KARMA manner.
  • Captivating, real-time visual display of the generated MIDI data.
  • Popup tooltips and context-sensitive Help provide comprehensive documentation of all features.
  • Available for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.