Roland Exhibits RP501R and FP-30 Digital Pianos

High-end Roland piano performance in compact, go-everywhere designs
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High-end Roland piano performance in compact, go-everywhere designs

CES, Las Vegas, NV — Roland (booth #18138, LVCC Central Hall) is exhibiting the RP501R and FP-30 Digital Pianos – compact and affordable instruments that bring the company’s renowned piano performance within reach of everyone. Each features onboard learning tools, Bluetooth® connectivity, and USB support.

The RP501R Digital Piano home instrument features top-quality touch and tone. Roland’s latest piano technologies deliver an authentic piano experience, while onboard education features and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity with piano apps promote learning and enjoyment. Ideal for young families and anyone who wants to have fun with the piano, the RP501R offers premium performance that will last through years of development. An acoustic piano is heavy and costly to maintain, and can only be used at certain times to avoid disturbing others nearby. The practical RP501R offers a perfect solution to all of these problems. The instrument weighs just 41 kg/90 lbs. and can be easily moved by two adults, and the space-saving cabinet is only 17 in. (432 mm) deep. The advanced digital sound engine never needs tuning, while controllable volume and the option to listen with headphones allows users to play anytime they wish.

With onboard technology derived from Roland’s flagship digital pianos, the RP501R will inspire beginners and experienced players alike. Roland’s SuperNATURAL® Piano engine creates the rich, expressive tone of an acoustic grand piano, and the Ivory Feel PHA-4 keyboard responds to every nuance of the player’s touch. A dynamic array of built-in speakers provides warm, room-filling sound that belies the RP501R’s compact cabinet size. While a traditional piano has just one tone, the RP501R offers over 300 additional sounds to help players explore their creativity. Practice sessions are even more fun with the onboard Rhythm feature, which includes 72 ensemble backing styles and intelligent accompaniment that follows chords played on the keyboard. The RP501R also includes many educational features for developing piano skills. The built-in metronome promotes accurate timing, while the onboard recorder lets users capture performances and evaluate their progress. Twin Piano mode splits the piano keyboard into two identical ranges, ideal for playing side-by-side with a teacher or duet partner. And with Headphones 3D Ambience technology, players can enjoy natural, realistic sound in private practice sessions with headphones.

RP501R users can play along with the piano’s built-in classical etudes and exercises, or audio and MIDI songs stored on USB memory. Additionally, Bluetooth MIDI connectivity enables players to enhance their piano experience with great apps from Sheet Music Direct®, piaScore, and others. Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app offers direct interaction with the RP501R, with the ability to select sounds, control rhythms, boost notation skills, and more. The app also displays the internal songs as sheet music, and the user can even turn pages with the piano’s pedals.

Combining premium sound and feel with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for mobile devices, the FP-30 Digital Piano has a small footprint and is easy to transport, making it a great choice for piano students, urban dwellers, young families, performing musicians and music educators as well. With Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL Piano technology, the FP-30 delivers an authentic piano sound that provides a solid foundation for learning and a detailed articulation and response to satisfy advanced players. The 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard inherits the progressive hammer action, escapement and Ivory Feel keys found in Roland’s high-end home pianos. The FP-30 is equipped with a powerful stereo audio system for rich, class-defying sound. Plugging in headphones silences the onboard speakers, dual headphones outputs enable two people to listen at once, and 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch jacks offer compatibility with all types of headphones and earbuds. The outputs can alternately be used to connect to an external speaker system.

Beyond any acoustic piano, The FP-30 also offers additional sounds like strings, organs, voices and electric pianos, while dual and split functions allow two different sounds to be played at once. Onboard drum patterns enhance everyday playing and offer an exciting alternative to the metronome. The FP-30 features built-in Bluetooth wireless capabilities, enabling users to connect to music apps for smartphones and tablets. USB support is also included for playing along with WAV/SMF tunes and sharing performances captured with the FP-30’s onboard SMF recorder. Available in white or black with the optional KSC-70 stand and KPD-70 three-pedal unit to provide an integrated look and classic pedal configuration while maintaining a much smaller footprint than a typical upright piano. The KPD-70 also enables hands-free turning of onscreen music pages while using popular mobile apps such as piaScore and Sheet Music Direct.

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