Modal Electronics introduces Argon8 polysynth

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Modal Electronics, maker of acclaimed instruments like SKULPTsynthesiser, CRAFTsynth 2.0, Modal 002 Hybrid and Modal 008 Analogue synth have announced the affordable Argon8 synthesizer. 

With eight voices of polyphony, the Argon8 includes features such as:

 • True 8 voice polyphony 

• 120 carefully wavetables split into 24 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets

• 28 static wavetable processors including de-rez , wave folders, wave shapers, phase shapers and rectify that can be applied to the 120 wavetables 

• 32 high resolution wavetable oscillators, 4 per voice, with 8 types of oscillator modifier 

• 1.54 inch large OLED display 

• Bourns continuous rotary encoders throughout as standard

 • A 4-axis joystick that can be assigned to a range of modulation destinations 

• Three dedicated envelope generators for AMP, MOD and FILTER 

• Two pole morphing resonant filter 

• Waveshaping distortion 

• Three independent and user configurable stereo FX engines that can create sophisticated Delays, Reverbs, Flanging, Phasing, and Choruses 

• Glide/Portamento with both legato and staccato modes 

• “Mod Matrix” with eight assignable slots with four additional fixed routes, 11 mod sources and 52 destinations 

• 500 patch memories, all fully editable and ships with 300 factory programs and 200 user patch spaces. 

• Two Audio rate LFO’s with tempo sync (one poly, one global). Polyphonic LFO can sync to frequency divisions 

• Inbuilt programmable arpeggiator of 32 steps with rest capability with up to 2048 steps before repeating 

• Real time sequencer with number 512 steps 

• Free dedicated app that works on Mac, PC, iOS, Android and works under VST3 and AU

Argon8 is priced at $699 and will be available later in 2019.

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