112dB Updates Morgana to v1.2.8

Vintage Sampler Morgana Now with 64-bit Support
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112dB is pleased to announce the long-awaited 64-bit support for vintage sampler Morgana.

What’s new in version 1.2.8?

  • 64-bit support
  • AAX-version
  • cleaner sound
  • improved ‘voice stealer’
  • lots of new samples!

Morgana in a nutshell

  • Emulates the gritty, dark & punchy sound of the early days of sampling
  • An authentic representation of an early digital sampler, without the clumsy interface or annoying RAM limitations.
  • Gives your samples that real 80ies feel.
  • Comes with lots of samples inspired on our favorite gear of the days of synthpop and early hiphop.

To celebrate this long awaited release of Morgana v1.2.8 we’ve got a special deal: pay only 128 dollar/euro for Morgana until 14 January (41 dollar/euro discount).

Existing owners can update at no additional charge. The update can be found at: http://112db.com/phplist/lt.php?id=MB5TBR4BTQFWAw

For more information on Morgana please visit: www.112db.com/vintage/morgana