12-In-1.Algorithmix Releases Classic Peq Blue, The Most Complete Collection Of Legendary Parametric Equalizers In One Directx/Vst Plug-In Ever

Classic PEQ Blue is a creative equalizing tool combining the best of both analog and digital world. It precisely models the most legendary vintage analog equalizers and adds some progressive characteristics only possible in digital domain. The vintage equalizers collection contains all major styles ever developed in the history of audio processing: serial/parallel, symmetric/asymmetric, passive/active, constant-Q/ proportional-Q. With the dozen shades of Classic PEQ Blue, Algorithmix promises that every mixing and recording engineer will find his favorite sound he could earlier get only out of massive and very expensive outboard gear or vintage mixing consoles.

To guard against any conflict with trade mark owners Algorithmix did not assign any real labels to the PEQ types. Instead, rather neutral names related to their technical classification have been used. However, users are invited to discover sound nuances and share with Algorithmix associations with real products being modeled in the Classic PEQ Blue.

Every PEQ type has 10 bands with five freely assignable parametric filter types including bells, low-shelfs, high-shelfs, low-cuts, and high-cuts. To avoid bell filter asymmetry at high frequencies, typical for many digital equalizers, Classic PEQ Blue uses reference-quality upsampling technique, automatically switchable if the sampling frequency of the input signal is 44.1 or 48 kHz. By using proprietary filter algorithms very high dynamic range, as well as extremely low noise and distortion level has been achieved; impossible with any analog circuitry. The whole equalizer collection works with sample rates up to 384 kHz and therefore is perfectly suitable for DSD post-processing. Several instances can be simultaneously opened. Complete setups can be easily exchange between them. The true frequency response display is zoomable and in DirectX version the whole PlugIn can be enlarged to the full screen.