123creative Releases G-Sonique Classic Colored Pedals 2

Guitar VST Pedal Collection
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G-Sonique: Classic colored pedals 2 (guitar VST pedal collection)

123creative.com releases Classic colored pedals 2 in cooperation with G-Sonique engineers.

G-Sonique: Classic colored pedals 2 is collection of four classic yet very usable virtual guitar pedals / stompboxes that can be used also with any other instruments / synthesizers (not only guitars).


- Auto Wah WH-1 - standard automatic wah wah guitar vst plug-in

- Graphic Equalizer EQ-1 - get ideal tone of your guitar or any other instrument

- Phaser PH-1 - analog modeled phaser

- Pitch shifter PS-1 - very creative effect that play incoming signal splitted in 3 parts: pitchshifted up (one octave up), pitchshifted down (one octave down) and original signal, you can set volume of every one of splitted signal

Introductory price for first 100 customers: 8.90 €
Standard price: 10.90 €

Product page / Demo version (available without installation):